Experience warmth with our hand-knit Qiviuk hat. Limited stock is available. Shop now!

Elevate your winter wardrobe with our luxurious qiviuk hat collection, hand-knitted by skilled artisans using the finest blends of qiviut fibers, extra fine merino wool, and mulberry silk yarn. Our exclusive Qiviut musk ox wool hats offer unparalleled warmth, becoming softer with each wear and wash. Perfect for both harsh winters and milder weather, these hand-knitted luxury qiviut toques provide exceptional comfort without the bulk. Limited quantities are available, so don’t miss the chance to purchase your handmade qiviut winter hat today. Hand wash with mild detergent for the best care.

  • Experience unmatched warmth with our qiviut hats, perfect for extreme and mild weather.
  • Own a rare piece hand-knit from muskox wool, sourced only from Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.
  • Enjoy hats that become softer with wear and washing, unlike any other wool.
  • Appreciate the exceptional craftsmanship of hat's hand-knit by skilled artisans using premium materials.


Why are qiviut hats more expensive than other wool hats?

Qiviut is rarer and offers superior warmth and softness, plus our hats are handmade by skilled artisans.

How do I know the hat will fit me?

Our hats are designed with a flexible fit for most head sizes, ensuring comfort and warmth.

Will the hat last long and maintain its quality?

Yes, qiviut becomes softer and maintains quality with wear and proper hand washing using mild detergent.

Is qiviut itchy like some other wool types?

No, qiviut is exceptionally soft and comfortable, becoming even softer after wear and washing.

Qiviut hat collection is the epitome of luxurious warmth. Hand-knit by our skilled artisans using the finest blends of qiviut (kiv-ee-ute) fibers, extra fine merino wool and mulberry silk yarn. Experience extra warmth this winter with our wonderful qiviut accessories, or even wear these toques in milder weather due to their lightweight design.

Qiviut (fur of the muskox) is sourced from musk oxen - a rarity only in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. Unlike sheep’s wool, the more you wear and wash qiviut (muskox wool), the softer it becomes. Shop our unique collection today.

*Limited quantities available. Hand wash all Qiviut hats with mild detergent.

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