Adelaida Woman Cardigan, Bison, Merino & Silk


Embrace luxury with our Bison and Silk woman cardigan.

Discover the luxury of the Adelaida woman's cardigan sweater in rustic rust color, meticulously crafted from a premium blend of American Bison, ultra-fine Merino wool, and lustrous Mulberry Silk yarn. 

This exquisite full-zip cardigan showcases a unique taupe honeycomb knit panel, adding a sophisticated contrast to its rich color palette. Ideal for those seeking comfort and style, this piece encapsulates elegance and warmth.

Shop now to experience the perfect fusion of luxury and comfort with our Adelaida Bison, Merino, and Silk Cardigan. This full zip woman cardigan is hand crafted with wonderful rich rust color and some taupe honeycomb knit panels mixed in to add some contrast.

  • Experience exquisite warmth and softness with our unique bison, merino, and silk blend.
  • Add our cardigan's rich rust color and distinctive taupe honeycomb knit panels to your wardrobe.
  • Indulge in the superior craftsmanship and durability of our meticulously designed cardigan.
  • Stand out with a cardigan made from an exclusive blend of American Bison, Merino wool, and Silk.


Is the price justified for a cardigan?

Our cardigan's unique bison, merino, and silk blend offers long-lasting quality and comfort.

Will this cardigan keep me warm enough?

Absolutely, the blend of materials ensures optimal warmth without sacrificing style or comfort.

Is the cardigan durable enough for daily wear?

Yes, it's designed for both durability and style, perfect for everyday elegance.

How unique is the material blend compared to others?

Our exclusive blend offers a rare and distinctive comfort not found in other cardigans.

This design has a versatile fit as shown below.

Measurements are in cm

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 42 44 46 48
Length (B) 57 60 63 66
Sleeve (C) 54 56 60 60

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