Arella Woman Cardigan, Qiviuk, Merino & Silk

$659.40 $1,099

Don't freeze, embrace the warmth of premium yarn.

The Arella Woman Cardigan, made from a luxurious blend of Qiviuk, Merino, and Silk, is currently on sale for $659.40, down from its original price of $1,099. Designed to provide warmth during cold days and chilly evenings, this fitted button-up cardigan features a whimsical leaf pattern and is available in a petite fit. Sizes range from S to XL with detailed measurements for bust, length, sleeve, waist, and hips provided in centimeters. There are no customer reviews available yet.

  • Experience ultimate comfort with our blend of Qiviuk, Merino wool, and Silk.
  • Elevate your wardrobe with our hand-knitted, artisan-crafted, luxurious cardigan.
  • Own a piece of exclusive artisanship, meticulously handcrafted for refined tastes.
  • Designed for the perfect petite fit, enhancing your silhouette elegantly.


Is the price justifiable for a cardigan?

Each piece embodies luxury, crafted from a rare Qiviuk blend, making it worth the investment.

Will it fit me well since it's only in a 'Petite' size?

Designed meticulously for the perfect petite fit, enhancing your silhouette elegantly.

How do I care for this high-end material blend?

Care instructions are provided to ensure your cardigan remains in pristine condition.

Is the cardigan durable, given its luxurious materials?

Yes, crafted for both luxury and durability using high-quality Qiviuk, Merino wool, and Silk.


You can find this cardigan in our petite fit category. All measurements are in centimeters.  

Bust (A) 42 44 46 48
Length (B) 61 64 67 70
Sleeve (C) 54 56 60 60
Waist (D) 34 36 38 40
Hips (E) 42 44 46 48

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