Qiviuk’s luxuriously soft gloves are hand knit using the finest natural fibers of pure qiviut yarn blends. Experience warmth like never before. The lightweight fiber and insulation of our qiviut mittens will keep you snug in arctic winters while also comfortable in warmer weather. This exquisite fibre is sourced from Muskox -  a rarity only found in Canada, Alaska, and Greenland. 

The light-weight fur of the muskox is the ideal material for our handcrafted glove accessories. Unlike sheep’s wool, the more you wear and wash qiviut, the softer it becomes. Check out our wide selection of mittens featuring a bold contrast of colours, stunning cable and diamond stitch patterns, and our staple muskoxen motifs. 

Pure qiviut does not shrink in any temperature of water and can be hand-washed in any mild detergent.

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