Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate the love and affection we receive from mothers. What better way to do this than a gift they will cherish and adore for the future?Our gift guide and professional stylist are here to assist you in your choice.To celebrate Mother's Day with you, please enjoy a special 20% discount for your order over $199.

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Hand-woven and embroidered Mohini Shawl

Treat her with style and taste, a gift she will cherish forever.This shawl is handcrafted by master artisans with transgenerational and traditional knowledge.This pure qiviut/k piece is beautifully embroidered, enhancing the natural beauty of the fiber.

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Qiviuk’s luxury clothing as a gift is an excellent way to pamper and spoil her on Mother's Day.

Our signature Muskox collection depicts the majestic yet cute animal, delicate intarsia, with embroidered accents to bring the essence of the Arctic. A conversation piece that will bring a lovely smile to Mom.

The softness and warmth of our Qiviuk scarves will caress Mom on this special day, a gift that will make it memorable.

Qiviuk Accessories

We prepared a collection for your budget between $200-$700.
Enjoy these beautiful pieces.

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Pamper her with Qiviuk clothing on Mother's Day by considering our soft, luxurious dresses, shawls, cardigans, cozy gloves. Our stylish toques will also be ideal pieces. Another great gift alternative is our beautifully handcrafted muskox horn/diamond jewelry collection, pieces that your mom will treasure forever and pass on to other generations.

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