Fisherman Unisex Woman Pullover and Men Pullover, Merino


Choose timeless comfort: Unisex Woman Pullover Sweater.

This cozy and Unisex Ultra Fine Merino Woman Pullover, priced at $449, is a soft, timeless hand-knitted sweater made from the finest 13 mics Merino wool, offering warmth and outdoor style. Its classic cable knit design, inspired by traditional fisherman pullover sweaters, makes it a versatile piece for both men and women. This pullover offers comfort and a flattering fit for all body types. Care for this special item with our recommendations to ensure its unique feel and cozy appearance are maintained. Available in various sizes, this sweater is a must-have for those seeking to combine classical beauty with modern practicality.

  • Wrap yourself in unparalleled comfort with the finest 13 Mic luxurious Merino wool.
  • Stand out with a unique, hand-knitted, fisherman-inspired pullover.
  • Experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship with our Ultra Fine Merino wool.
  • Accent any outfit, blending classical beauty with modern practicality.


Is this sweater too expensive?

Well priced for the amazing quality, style and unmatched comfort.

Will the wool be itchy?

Ultra Fine Merino wool is the softest of the sheeps's wool.

Is the unisex fit really flattering?

Designed to complement both male and female figures beautifully.

Are the materials really sourced sustainably?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on ethically sourcing rare yarns, contributing to sustainable fashion.

This design belongs to our "Standard" category, and the measurements are in cm. 

Size XS S M L XL
Bust (A) 47 49 52 55 58
Length (B) 61  64 67 70 73
Sleeve (C) 55 57 59 61 61

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