Suleyma Woman Cardigan, Bison, Merino & Silk


Feel luxury with our hand-knitted woman cardigan and crystal fox collar.

Discover unparalleled luxury with our hand-knitted luxury woman cardigan sweater, a masterpiece woven from the finest American Bison wool, Extra fine Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk yarn. This exquisite piece elevates any ensemble with its vibrant colors and intricate designs, paired with a detachable crystal fox collar that effortlessly adds a touch of opulence. Whether seeking warmth or a statement accessory, this Mulberry silk blend cardigan, enhanced with the softness of Merino wool, promises both comfort and style. Shop now to own a unique blend of tradition and luxury, and elevate your wardrobe with this hand-crafted marvel.

  • Elevate your style with our woman cardigan unique, hand-knitted designs and luxurious crystal fox collar.
  • Experience unparalleled comfort and warmth with our American Bison, Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk blend.
  • Indulge in eco-friendly elegance thanks to our sustainable sourcing of natural fibers.
  • Stand out with a piece that's as unique as you, thanks to our exclusive, artisanal craftsmanship.


How do I know the materials are truly eco-friendly?

Ensuring eco-conscious elegance without sacrificing quality, our materials are sourced sustainably,

Will this fit me properly?

We offer detailed sizes S to XL measurements, ensuring a perfect fit for your body type.

Isn't wool itchy on the skin?

Our blend uses Extra fine Merino and Qiviuk, known for their softness and comfort, ensuring no itchiness.

How do I care for this garment?

Care instructions are simple, ensuring lasting luxury with minimal effort.

This design belongs to our "Petite" fit category, and the measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 42 44 46 48
Length (B) 57 60 63 66
Sleeve (C) 54 56 60 60
Waist (D) 36 38 40 42
Hip (E) 42 44 46 48

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