Mena Hat Qiviuk - 100% Qiviut wool hat


Elevate your winter style with a 100% pure Qiviut wool hat.

The MENA Qiviut Hat is a 100 percent pure Qiviut wool hat that exudes luxury and warmth. Featuring timeless cable and diamond stitch patterns, this premium Qiviuk cable hat ensures unparalleled elegance. Crafted to fit most comfortably, this exquisite Qiviut wool knit hat is the ultimate winter accessory for those who appreciate pure luxury. Embrace the cold with unparalleled warmth and sophistication – order your elegant Qiviut cable hat today.

  • Stay incredibly warm in harsh winter with our 100% pure Qiviut hat.
  • Enhance your style elegantly with the cable and diamond stitch patterns.
  • Enjoy a perfect fit with our versatile size, designed to fit most heads comfortably.
  • Own a unique accessory crafted from rare, luxurious Qiviuk wool.


Why is the hat so expensive?

The hat uses rare, luxurious Qiviuk wool, offering unmatched warmth and elegance, justifying its premium price.

Will this hat really keep me warm in harsh winters?

Yes, our 100 percent pure Qiviut hat provides exceptional warmth, even in the harshest winter conditions.

Will this hat fit me comfortably?

Absolutely, our versatile one-size-fits-most design ensures a comfortable and accommodating fit for most heads.

Is this hat easy to care for?

Yes, caring for Qiviuk wool is simple; just follow the included care instructions for best results.

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