Oscar Mittens Bison, Merino, Silk & Alpaca Qiviuk Gloves


Feel the Bison Bliss in Qiviut Gloves—Ultra-soft Mittens for Cozy Adventures!

Wrap your hands in warmth with Qiviuk Gloves - Oscar Mittens! These mittens boast a bold color contrast and a unique crow-foot pattern that stands out. Crafted from the finest blend of American Bison, Extra Fine Merino wool, Mulberry Silk, and Heavenly Alpaca yarn, they offer unbeatable comfort and elegance. Designed to fit most, these mittens promise to be your winter wardrobe's MVP! Treat yourself to the exquisite blend of nature's best fibers. Buy your pair today and experience hand-warming perfection!Knitted with an American Bison, Extra Fine Merino wool, Mulberry Silk, and Heavenly Alpaca yarn.

  • Keep your hands toasty with a perfect blend of bison, merino wool, silk & alpaca.
  • Stand out with bold colors and a distinctive crows-foot pattern that catches every eye.
  • Enjoy long-lasting mittens crafted from premium materials designed to withstand daily wear.
  • No need to worry about sizing Qiviuk Gloves; mittens comfortably fit most hand sizes.


Are they really warm enough for cold winters?

Absolutely! With bison, merino wool, silk, and alpaca, your hands will stay toasty all winter.

Will the colors fade or the pattern wear out?

Not at all! Crafted from premium materials, our mittens are designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

What if the mittens don’t fit my hands?

No worries! Our one size fits most, comfortably accommodating a wide range of hand sizes.

One size fits most hands.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful. Light. Not lined.

Hi Maria,
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We are glad you enjoy the mittens, stay warm!

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