Qiviuk Boutique is the pioneer of luxurious pure qiviut (pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”) and qiviut blend accessories made from qiviut yarn, extra-fine merino wool and mulberry silk yarn. Sourced once a year in early spring, qiviut’s rare pure fibre (musk ox hair) is a rarity that is found in the wild Canadian Arctic - and is truly the warmest, softest wool fibre and yarn on Earth.

Qiviuk is an industry leader in luxurious qiviut accessories. Our unsurpassable garments represent all the best-in-class qualities of this magnificent fibre - with skilled artisans carefully involved in every aspect of our creations. Enjoy our exquisite selection of accessories ranging from knit caps to qiviut stoles, mittens, gloves and much more. Shop our collection today.

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