Squirrel Woman Cardigan Qiviuk, Merino & Silk


Stop hiding, showcase your style with embroidered elegant woman cardigan

Our classic Squirrel woman Cardigan sweater has elegance and unparalleled comfort with our updated classic Squirrel sweater, now more complemented with a tailored fit silhouette. Crafted from an exquisite blend of Qiviuk, extra-fine Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk, this petite-fit sweater offers a unique combination of luxury and practicality, featuring a modern double zipper for ease. Perfect for those seeking a luxuriously fitted silk wool cardigan, our sweater promises warmth and style in various sizes from S to XL. Experience the blend of tradition and modernity in your wardrobe today. This Womens Cardigan has been updated to be more fitted and replaced the buttons with a double zipper instead.

  • Experience unparalleled comfort with our blend of Qiviuk, Merino, and Silk.
  • Our updated silhouette ensures you look as good as you feel.
  • Luxury that lasts with our meticulously crafted, high-grade materials.
  • Stand out with our distinct, upgraded Squirrel design and double zipper feature.


Will the cardigan maintain its quality over time?

Yes, it’s crafted by master artisans for durability, maintaining its luxury feel with proper care.

Will this fit me properly?

We offer detailed measurements for sizes S to XL, ensuring a perfect fit for your body type.

Isn't wool itchy on the skin?

Our blend uses Extra fine Merino and Qiviuk, known for their softness and comfort, ensuring no itchiness.

How do I care for this garment?

Care instructions are simple, ensuring lasting luxury with minimal effort.

This design belongs to our "Petite" fit category, measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 40 42 44 46
Length (B) 55 58 61 64
Sleeve (C) 54 56 60 60

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