Gloria Woman Pullover, Merino, Qiviuk & Silk


Embrace all seasons with Colorful Nordic Luxury Woman Pullover

Discover our luxurious, colorful Nordic woman pullover, blending Ultra Fine Merino, Qiviuk, and Silk for a cozy, elegant all-year look. A masterpiece knitted from an exquisite blend of the finest Merino wool, Qiviuk, and Mulberry Silk. Inspired by timeless Nordic designs, this marvel provides unparalleled comfort and a burst of color that will brighten the dreariest days. Perfect for those seeking a fusion of tradition and elegance, our sweater is a testament to sophisticated craftsmanship. Shop this must-have item now and elevate your wardrobe with our exclusive Ultra Fine Merino pullover, which combines style, warmth, and luxury effortlessly.

  • Save $629, making luxury fashion unexpectedly affordable.
  • You are cozy with the finest of sheep's wool, no matter the weather.
  • Stand out with a timeless, Nordic-inspired, colorful design.
  • Ultra Fine Merino, Qiviuk, and Silk for your skin's delight.


Is the price justified for a pullover?

Absolutely, premium materials, hand-knitted intarsia, and beautiful design make it worth every penny.

Will this pullover keep me warm in extreme cold?

 Qiviuk and Merino Wool blend ensure you stay toasty always.

I'm worried the colors will fade.

No, high-quality dyes ensure colors stay vibrant wash after wash.

Are the materials really soft on the skin?

Yes, only the softest, luxe fibers are selected for comfort.

This design belongs to our "Petite" fit category. Measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 41 43 45 47
Length (B) 57 60 63 66
Sleeve (C) 64 66 68 68

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