Cross Cable Woman Pullover Bison, Merino & Silk


Embrace luxury with Bison Silk crafted woman pullover Qiviut sweater.

Discover the epitome of comfort and style with our Bison Silk Knit Woman Pullover Qiviut Sweater. Expertly hand-knitted using a luxurious blend of American Bison wool. Heavenly Merino wool, and Silk yarn, this comfortable high-collar sweater offers unique softness and warmth. The elegant vertical cross-cable knit pattern adds a sophisticated touch. Perfect for those seeking comfort and elegance. Our pullover is ideal for those looking to buy a silk blend sweater and is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and luxury. Order your hand-knitted silk top today and experience the perfect merge of style and comfort.

  • Elevate your style with hand-knitted, luxe blends.
  • Enjoy comfort with our silky, skin-friendly yarn.
  • Own a rare piece from a unique American Bison blend.
  • Our sizing ensures the perfect fit for you.


Is the price justified for this woman pullover?

Unique American Bison blend offers unique quality and exclusivity.

Will the pullover fit me well?

Precisely designed for a perfect fit!

How do I care for this delicate material blend?

Easy care instructions are provided to maintain its elegance and feel.

Is the pullover truly comfortable for sensitive skin?

Silk and Merino blend ensures ultimate comfort for all skin types.

Size S M L
Bust (A) 42 44 46
Length (B) 55 58 61
Sleeve (C) 54 56 60

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