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Our clothing is made from the world’s most exclusive and luxurious fibers. Qiviut (Qiviuk), from the musk ox in the wild Canadian Arctic, is the warmest, and softest wool fiber and yarn found on Earth. We have partnered with Inuit First People in Canada and beyond to produce our qiviut (qiviuk) garments, creating an exquisite garment that is uniquely it’s own. 

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Our philosophy and production methods promote a special ethical approach to protect the planet and to respect human tradition and the environment. Our fair trade practices combine our dedication to ancestral knowledge, state-of-the-art technology, and high couture sensibility.

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Qiviut is one of the rarest and finest natural fibers nature has given us. The fiber is harvested from Arctic muskoxen during the early spring, in partnership with indigenous groups in the Canadian high arctic. Qiviut is warmer than cashmere and softer than sheep’s wool. The lightweight fiber and insulating warmth of qiviut will keep you warm in arctic winters while also comfortable in warmer weather. “Each of our pieces holds within our core values, traditions, and stories of our people” Our exquisite garments are handcrafted in the highlands of Peru and Italy, utilizing both traditional hand knitting and state-of-the-art techniques. 


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Over the last two decades, we have been dedicated to the social, cultural, and environmental endeavors of protection and rescue of diminishing fine materials and craft skills.


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