Pure Luxury Qiviut Wool Clothing 
Experience ultimate comfort with Qiviuk’s ultra-soft, rare fibres - the epitome of luxury.

Qiviuk knitwear is made with precious fibres such as Qiviut and Vicuna, the warmest and lightest fibres on earth, with inner downs softer than cashmere and ever more rare. Curated with ultra-fine materials for ultimate feel and comfort, such as 14-micron count Merino wool, silk, & baby cashmere, our stylish collection represents comfort and true luxury in their most natural form. Indulge in the unparalleled luxury of Qiviuk's ultra-soft knitwear, crafted from the rarest and finest fibres like Qiviut and Vicuna. Our curated collection features 14-micron Merino wool, silk, and baby cashmere, offering unmatched comfort and sophistication. Embrace sustainable elegance and the traditions of local Inuit communities with each piece. Experience the ultimate blend of warmth, lightness, and softness—shop Qiviuk’s premium garments today.

American Muskox

Qiviut, The Ultimate Treasure 

Qiviut was an unknown fibre brought to our attention by Canadian scientists studying the wild muskox biology, intrigued by the naturally shed soft inner down masked behind the long guard hair. The material was like a cloud handed over, presenting us with the opportunity to convert it into the most refined yarns and garments. Upon understanding the magnificent muskox and the inspiring local native communities entrusted with the precious resource, we were challenged to integrate and collaborate with the Inuit people to create a mutually beneficial brand. We are dedicated to nurturing sustainability and respect for traditions, ecology, culture and Inuit ways of life.

muskox wool from American muskox
Girl with muskox wool shawl

Vicuna, a Symbol of Exclusivity

Vicuna fabric, namely "the fibre of the gods," is the precious coat that protects the South-American camel from the harsh climate of the Peruvian highlands. Highly regarded for its fineness and exclusivity, it is now again available through appropriate and selected handful of textile and fashion houses. Our relationship with these species dates past generations and has now resumed with our direct engagement with local indigenous communities, implementing traditional crafting methods combined with advanced technology at source, and a clear mandate to support the animal welfare, the environment, and the people involved in the process.

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Lama with Lama wool
Luxury Natural Fibres

With vast experience and dedication to crafting the finest materials on Earth, Qiviuk has created unsurpassable yarns, knitwear, and fabrics with various luxurious fibres, including qiviut fibre, vicuna fibre, ultra-fine merino wool, cashmere, mulberry silk yarn, heavenly alpaca, and more. The curated integration of these exquisite materials intertwines luxury with unsurpassable comfort.

Ultra-Soft to the Touch

Qiviuk has attained the creation of the most comfortable and soft fabrics and garments, uniquely becoming softer as you enjoy wearing it.

Subtle Warmth

The luxurious and exquisite blend of qiviut fibres provides warmth that surpasses wool and cashmere. Our lightweight fibres make our unique garments incredibly warm in the winter yet comfortable and breathable in milder weather.


Reaching the pinnacle of quality has always been our precept. With the advent of industrialism and technology, many hand processes were shifted to machines, compromising quality for speed and cost. Reviving some of these hand processes was critical for Qiviuk to achieve the ultimate quality for our most precious materials.

“i have been a collector of sweaters for twenty years. cashmere, baby cashmere, vicuña and wool. having had many dozens of sweaters, i only wore one when in the field - it was a part of me. i loathe equipment and clothing changes since then it ‘feels wrong’, and i quickly go back to what the mind is used to. that is until i purchased a qiviuk sweater made from 100% musk ox fibre. the very first moment i put it on, it became not only a part of me, but a fundamental part of me. i have not taken it off since - i sleep in it in the field, i wear it and only time it comes off is to wash it, which i do by hand with simple apple cider vinegar based shampoo. on the very rare occasion it comes off, my body misses it. this fibre bound itself to me immediately and me to it.”

Artist: eru narayana

“It’s like wearing a hug.”

Author: Olga Costopoulos