If you’re looking for the softest and warmest socks, you’ve found them. Our luxurious qiviut (kiv-ee-ute) socks are made using the softest fibers known to mankind. Keep your feet stylish yet warm, even in extreme cold, with our lightweight qiviut wool socks.

Qiviut (sourced from the majestic musk ox) is much warmer than sheep’s wool — a rarity found only in Canada, Alaska and Greenland. Not only are musk ox wool socks truly the warmest, but they are also moisture wicking and offer additional padding for your utmost comfort. Qiviuk’s collection is knit from a wonderful selection of qiviut, American bison, cashmere, mulberry silk, nylon, alpaca yarn, and superfine merino wool. Shop our luxury collection today.

Pure qiviut will not shrink in any temperature of water. Wash qiviut socks with mild detergent.

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