Bull horn leaf keychain N-38 by Qiviuk Boutique
Special order only
Bull horn Necklace N-61 by Qiviuk Boutique
Special order only

Qiviuk’s staple buffalo horn necklaces are the result of exquisite dedication. Such diligence in the creation of these intricately sustainable pieces could only be displayed by a Qiviuk craftsman. Our expert artisans design each piece of unique jewelry with high-quality, durable, and sustainable materials.

Our beautiful necklaces and earrings, along with our key chain and comb accessories are ethically sourced from natural horn and other natural materials. Our magnificent horn necklace and pendants consist of round and oval disks, with variations of gemstones and detailing, enclosed with our handcrafted clasp.

Qiviuk is an ethical company and takes pride in being a sustainable brand.

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