Headquartered in the breathtaking Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies; where the appreciation for nature becomes a starting point for the company’s creativity and ecological initiatives and where the company has strong retail presence.

The Qiviuk Group / JCC has undertaken the goal of converting ultra-rare and fine fibres into the finest garments of the world. This pursuit has taken its principals to remote parts of the earth, including the Canadian High Arctic, the land of the Muskox.

The Muskox and its wonderful coat are a treasure of the Arctic that throughout the last two decades of the companies’ involvement have become a symbol of product excellence. Now worldly recognized as an emblem of quality and luxury, by fashion icons, heads of state and textile connoisseurs.

The international notoriety has been critical in the success of its marketing strategy; with retail presence on Madison Ave New York and a network of wholesale customers that are prestigious manufacturers, designers, fashion houses and retailers, located in the major centers of the globe.

This continued success was possible by the integration and collaboration with the Native Communities entrusted with these incredible resources and its governing bodies. In the process, nurturing sustainability and respect for the past, the ecology, and the people that manage it.

Additionally the deep relation with the rich Andean textiles and crafts have played an important role in the procurement of its beautiful collections; by utilizing ancient techniques in parallel to state of the art technology. Bringing precious fibres such as the Qiviuk/t TM, Vicuna, Bison, Heavenly Suri TM and other to its fullest beauty and quality

This has resulted in great recognition by different academic, governmental and private entities, widely evidenced in the awards and media coverage the Qiviuk Group has received.

A family business dedicated to the social, cultural and environmental endeavour of protection and rescue of diminishing fine materials and craft skills.


founder and shareholder

A native of the highlands of Peru, the entrepreneurial Fernando Alvarez is a textile expert, luxury connoisseur and visionary; well versed with different cultures and people. Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition for his work with the communities of the Canadian High Arctic.

He is responsible for the introduction of Qiviuk into the world of fine textiles. His passion for fine materials started early, as a peculiar family activity. He was easily enticed by the textile industry in Arequipa and the vital role it served to the area. Fernando went onto to work extensively with luxury garments made of cashmere, vicuña, Heavenly alpaca, and guanaco, but held onto the idea of the importance and necessity of developing a successful business model in balance with the producing organizations and the environment. He is credited with developing an exclusive agreement between his company and the native organizations that manage the precious Musk Ox resource with a clear commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Alvarez has created a business that is entirely vertically integrated, and where he and his companies are involved in every part of the process; from cultivating the fibers, to transforming them into a luxury yarn, overseeing the weaving and hand crafting of the garments in his own facilities, and finally, to distributing the garments to the most discerning markets worldwide. Responsibility and sustainability are of utmost importance to him, values that are nurtured within the family and friends that have formed the business with him.


Founder, Director and Shareholder


Founder and Shareholder


Past Chair, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation