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Experience the finest luxury garments online with Qiviuk.
Our highest quality craftsmanship pairs with advanced technology to deliver the best craftsmanship Qiviut wool clothing.
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Embrace True Luxury Only With Qiviuk

As a family-owned and operated business with a passion for textiles that reflect the wonders of nature and the people involved, we have created a world-renowned brand based on sustainability, best quality clothing and accessories, and socially conscious processes.

Economically Sound Methods

Qiviuk's understanding of the local communities and a complete willingness to work with them helped achieve practical and economically sound processes. We are dedicated to the social, cultural, and environmental endeavour of nurturing and rescuing diminishing fine materials and craft skills.

Crafted with Care

Qiviuk’s garments are handcrafted in the highlands of Peru and Italy, utilizing both traditional hand weaving and state-of-the-art techniques. The fibres are stringently processed with advanced methods and with the magic touch and care of the hand, allowing them to bloom into the most precious yarns and garments.

Socially Responsible

Our philosophy is based on the principle that prosperity has to reach all the people involved in the process, focusing on individuals and organizations that are often neglected. Our involvement has created the muskox fibre industry as it is known today; albeit small, it provides for economic activity, a sense of purpose, and the preservation of diminishing ways of life.

Qiviut Fibre Exquisitely Transformed into Luxurious Fabrics and Yarns for Your Creative Soul

Whether you're looking for a new elegant garment to add to your wardrobe or looking to purchase qiviut fabric or yarn, Qiviuk is here for you.


Collection of Delicate Handcrafted Garments

Qiviuk's elegant men's and women's apparel is handcrafted from exquisite blends of:
● Qiviut yarn
● Cashmere
● Alpaca
● Mulberry silk yarn
● Ultra-fine merino wool
Shop our stylish jackets, sweaters, and pants today. Pair them with Qiviuk accessories, such as scarves, mittens, hats, or socks, for a total Qiviuk look in the style and comfort you deserve. Bespoke and custom made services are available through our capable and creative fashion consultants.

 Qiviut  Handcrafted Garments

Hand Knitting Yarn With Exquisite and Luxurious Qiviut Fibre

Qiviut yarn is collected once a year in the high Canadian Arctic. Our expert collectors gather the precious fibres that we proudly convert into the most refined yarns that you can hand knit or crochet into your desired garment.

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Luxurious Fabric for Your Needs

Our fabrics are made from the world's most exclusive and luxurious fibres. Qiviut, from the musk oxen in the wild Canadian Arctic, is the warmest and softest wool fibre and yarn found on Earth, making it a perfect addition to your collection of luxurious materials. Vicuna has clothed kings and emperors for millennia, woven by centuries-old traditional mills in the Italian Alps. Speak to us about adding this fully customized rare and exceptional fabric to your wardrobe. Our professional consultants are one phone call or message away.

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