Cable Mittens Qiviuk


Experience Ultimate Warmth with Pure Cable Mittens Qiviuk– Fit for All!

Embrace the ultimate in luxury and warmth with our Cable Mittens, crafted from 100% pure Qiviuk yarn. These ultra-soft mittens are designed to keep your hands toasty in the coldest weather, fitting most sizes comfortably. At $249, experience unparalleled warmth and softness, making every winter day a cozy delight. Multiple payment options, including American Express, Apple Pay, and Visa, make your purchase effortless. Step into the realm of opulence and order your pair today.

  • Embrace unparalleled warmth with our 100% Qiviuk mittens, designed to shield you against the coldest days.
  • Indulge in ultra-soft comfort; our Qiviuk mittens caress your hands with every wear.
  • Enjoy a perfect fit every time with mittens designed to fit most sizes comfortably.
  • Experience the unparalleled quality of pure Qiviuk yarn, elevating your winter wardrobe to new heights.


Why are the Cable Mittens so expensive?

Cable Mittens are crafted from premium Qiviuk yarn, a luxurious, rare fiber offering superior warmth and comfort.

How can I know if the mittens will fit me?

Our Cable Mittens are designed to fit most sizes comfortably, ensuring a versatile and snug fit.

What if I don’t have American Express or Apple Pay?

We accept various payment options, including Visa, ensuring a seamless transaction process for all customers.

Why should I trust the quality without customer reviews?

Experience the unparalleled quality of 100 percent pure Qiviuk yarn and let the luxurious comfort speak for itself.

These charming cable knitted Mittens are made with ultra soft and warm 100% pure Qiviuk yarn. One size fits most.

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