Banff Springs Hotel Holiday Gift Guide

The Qiviuk Boutique

Qiviuk is the Inuvialuit word for down – the inner, insulating blanket of the Canadian Arctic Muskox, the softest, warmest and most luxurious fibre in the world. This fantastic coat allowed the Muskox to survive the last ice age as it roamed the earth along with the woolly mammoth. Jacques Cartier Clothier and the Inuvialuit of the High Canadian Arctic have formed a unique and successful alliance to produce and manufacture Qiviuk with social and environmental sensitivity. Our beautiful garments are available in our exclusive boutiques and our network of prestigious customers in Japan, the USA and Europe.

Gifts They’ll Love:

  1. Wind Cardigan and accessories, Cardigan $1,199, Scarf $ 319, Toque $159, Gloves $149
  2. MD1 Smokering $899
  3. Adeli Cardigan without fur, $1,199
  4. Robert Cardigan and toque, Cardigan $1,459, Toque $159
  5. Renzo Scarf, $699


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