Qiviuk X Prince Dimitri Jewelry

Qiviuk collaboration with H.R.H. Prince Dimitri's gives birth to a rare musk ox fine jewelry collection, Qiviuk X Prince Dimitri Jewelry. 

It was during his childhood in Versailles that Prince Dimitri’s curiosity and love for gems and jewelry sparked the desire to create his own luxury jewelry collection. His paternal grandmother, Princess Olga of Greece, nurtured his talent from a young age. 

Prince Dimitri attended schools in France and Switzerland, after which he pursued his degree in Business Law from the University of Paris. In 1983, he moved to New York City. At first, he chose a career on Wall Street, soon moving into the field of jewelry, where his heart was.

He soon became senior vice president of Sotheby's jewelry department. During his time there, Prince Dimitri studied gemology and also became a proficient appraiser.

Dimitri’s love of jewelry dates from his childhood and unique heritage of European Royalty closely tied together in an era of extreme opulence, beauty and culture.

Prince Dimitri Muskox Horn Cuff Links

He began designing jewelry in 1999, with a collection of gemstone cufflinks sold at Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. He also designed a line of women’s jewelry sold at Barney’s New York. He realized his vision in his jewelry creations, which luxuriates in his love of gemstones; the juxtaposition of unusual materials such as the Muskox Horn, imaginative forms, paying attention to colour, detail, and craftsmanship. The musk ox horn was first presented to Prince Dimitri by Fernando Alvarez of Qiviuk and has since been a staple of his collection.

"I wanted the musk ox horn we are using to be mixed with harmonious bright fresh colors that convey a feeling of happiness and elegance. I chose the circle because it is one of the most feminine and timeless shapes and also the protective formation of the animal; adorning it with the diamond and ruby centers mounted in a figure 8 mounting for good luck; seeking for a collection that has fresh, bold, sophisticated and young feeling."



The prehistoric muskox holds a prominent set of horns that allows the challenging males to engage in the fiercest head-to-head battles.

The base is formed by a multi-layer of bone and horn that creates a beautiful and unique marble look well-featured in our jewelry.

The Inuit hunters, with whom we have developed a close relationship, select the most precious trophies in their subsistence hunts. The rare material is then presented to Qiviuk and H.R.H. 's craftsmen in New York, following an extensive and highly advanced conversion process to make this into a gem-quality material. We then accent them with the highest grades of Canadian GIA-certified diamonds, rubies, moonstones, emeralds, sapphires, and other precious stones. We are proud to source our diamonds from the Canadian Arctic, a common ground to the muskox and Qiviuk.

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