Experience the elegance of Qiviuk - luxury cashmere Men's Vest designed for versatile style and comfort.

Experience unparalleled luxury with our Qiviuk cashmere Men's Vests. Handcrafted by expert artisans from Italy and Peru, these vests combine qiviut, extra-fine merino wool, and mulberry silk for unparalleled softness and elegance. Available in various colors and knit patterns, they are perfect for any occasion. Elevate your wardrobe with these irresistible luxury men's sleeveless sweaters. Order your handcrafted Qiviuk vest today and embrace the allure of premium fashion. Experience the most sophisticated cashmere Men's Vest. Our knits include cashmere, Qiviut, Merino, silk,and buffalo for an incredibly soft feel.

This finely knitted button up men's shirt is made with a luxurious soft Pima Cotton yarn and features unique buttons made with bull horn.

  • Indulge in unparalleled luxury with our handcrafted cashmere Men's vest, elevating your wardrobe instantly.
  • Pair our Men's Vests with any outfit, offering you unmatched style for every occasion.
  • Experience superior craftsmanship from our artisans in Italy and Peru, ensuring exceptional quality.
  • Enjoy the softness and warmth of qiviut, merino wool, and mulberry silk against your skin.

We have limited quantities of this design available!

Please contact us if your size is not in stock.

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