Popular Items of Handcrafted Qiviut Wool Clothing Hand Made with the finest fibres, especially for you.

 We have Popular Items  the most cherished and value pieces and are sharing them for everyone to take a look. Not only are these pieces incredibly warm for those brisk days, but they are also fashionable and easy to blend into any wardrobe. Discover the unparalleled warmth and style of a Qiviut handmade Mens Cardigan Qiviut Wool Sweater . 

man with handmade Quivik Sweater , Mens Cardigan
Qiviuk Gloves

Mens Joel Collection

Our popular Joel Collection features a wool mens cardigan made with pure qiviut fibre. The incredible warmth and soft touch make this classic sweater a must-have for any gentleman’s closet. It is an attractive, cozy piece that can be worn at home, on vacation or at the office in a business casual setting. A must-have sweater for any season. 

Joel Cardigan
Pure Qiviut

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Qiviuk Gloves

Joel Gloves
Pure Qiviut

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The Joel Collection also includes a mens hat and scarf set also made of pure qiviut that offers a classic look to complement any stylish outfit. The Joel hat is one of our best sellers as it is adored by many of our customers. They love the casual look of it for all genders of any age. Unique, beautiful and handcrafted especially for our customers, these fashionable pieces suit anyone that seeks style, warmth and comfort.

Qiviut Hat by Qiviuk Boutique

Joel Toque
Pure Qiviut

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Qiviut Scarf by Qiviuk Boutique

Joel Scarf
Pure Qiviut

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Man wearing Qiviut Scarf by Qiviuk Boutique

Whether you’re shopping for something stunning for yourself or looking for a gift for someone special, we think you will enjoy this selection of coveted items.

Woman wearing Qiviut Scarf and Qiviut Hat  by Qiviuk Boutique

Womans Mena Collection

Welcome to our exclusive Mena Collection. Beautifully handcrafted for women who want an exquisite experience with the warmth and softness of clothing that exudes quality. Qiviuk’s unique cardigan, hat, scarf and gloves are made with pure qiviut, a material that offers the greatest warmth and comfort possible.The womens wool cardigan comes in various sizes. Be sure to check out our cardigan page for sizing suggestions for all ladies sizes.

Did you know this sweater was worn by Queen Elizabeth II? The Queen was presented with our Mena cardigan as a gift when she visited Canada. You can make this sweater a cherished and timeless piece in your wardrobe too.This hat, scarf and gloves are sold separately or as a trio. They all come in two colors: brown or red. Either of these colors can be a great addition to complement a winter outfit.

This set is cherished by our customers and can be a gift for someone special who you know will love it too.

Woman wearing qiviuk cardigan, Qiviut  sweater Qiviuk Boutique

Mena Cardigan
Pure Qiviut

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Natural Qiviut Hat by Qiviuk Boutique

Mena Toque
Pure Qiviut

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Natural Qiviut Scarf by Qiviuk Boutique

Mena Scarf
Pure Qiviut

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Natural Qiviut Gloves by Qiviuk Boutique

Mena Gloves
Pure Qiviut

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 mom and kids  Qiviut pullover Sweaters  by Qiviuk Boutique

Our Muskox Wool Collection
This unique set is a customer favorite!

Our Muskox Collection features one of our iconic and best-selling womens sweater. It is made with qiviut, merino wool and silk. Pair it with any other matching items from our Muskox Collection such as a hat, scarf, gloves, headband or shawl and you have a beautiful look that will keep you warm on chilly days. The muskox comes from the Arctic tundra of Alaska and Canada and is known to provide one of the warmest wools in the world. Our garments made with fine muskox fibre (qiviut), makes them the most comfortable and stylish pieces you can wear.

Handmade qiviut wool clothing by Qiviuk Boutique
woman wearing quviut scarf and qiviut gloves, muskox wool by qiviuk boutique

In fact, all these pieces are made with qiviut, merino wool and silk. The natural tone on blue makes them easy to pair with other fashionable clothing. Each piece is sold separately and comes in children’s sizes as well as youth.

Enjoy the distinctive warmth of our unique Qiviuk brand. This collection is incredibly luxurious and accessible (yet affordable) - for yourself or for loved ones.

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The Qiviuk brand stands for one of kind designed pieces made from exquisite fibres such as muskox, bison, merino wool and mulberry silk. All our pieces are handcrafted, unique designs made exclusively by Qiviuk. The extraordinary value of our brand is its superb quality in comparison to well known luxury houses in Europe with a streamlined cost, allowing you to save significantly.

Black Mens Qiviut scarf by Qiviuk Boutique

Qiviuk Scarf Collection

A popular piece from our Qiviut collection is our handsome Qiviut wool scarf for men. Our customers have told us they love the unbelievable comfort and luxurious feel of this irreplaceable piece. It is an ideal gift for someone special or for yourself! Our Gigi Scarf comes in two different colors and can be worn in different seasons. Its lightweight and casual appeal makes it a great choice for either a cool summer evening or a brisk winter day. Plus it was included in the Academy Award’s gift basket a few years ago, everyone adored it!

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Qiviuk Dress Collection 

Nothing compares to the richness of our ultra-light yet warm Finito Shawl. It is the perfect addition to a casual look for a daytime outing in nature. Or it can enhance your formal outfit in the evening. The beauty of this shawl combined with the quality of the material makes it versatile for many occasions.

This piece is made with our pure qiviut fiber that is known to be extremely soft and warm. Its versatility and enduring quality are what makes it one of our customers’ favorites. In fact, many collect it in every available color. They know this handcrafted piece is one that can be cherished for years.

The Finito Shawl comes in three colors to choose from.

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Qiviut Dresses by Qiviuk Boutique
Qiviut shawls by Qiviuk Boutique

These popular items are unique. We invest in only the highest quality fibers such asqiviut, bison, vicuna, merino wool and mulberry silk to create exclusive designs thatare treasured by our happy Qiviuk customers. Qiviuk’s handcrafted clothing defines beauty and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else, not even in the most well-known fashion houses.
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