Ken Headband Qiviuk & Silk


Experience unmatched luxury: reversible Qiviut & Silk headband, limited quantity!

Experience ultimate luxury with the KEN Reversible Qiviuk & Silk Headband. Hand-crafted for a perfect fit, this exquisite headband combines pure Qiviuk on one side with a Qiviuk & Silk blend on the other. Designed for both men and women, its versatility and comfort are unmatched. With limited quantities available, don’t miss your chance to own this elegant, one-size-fits-most piece of wearable art. Order now and elevate your accessory game!

  • Feel the unparalleled warmth and softness of Qiviuk & Silk Headband, keeping you cozy all day.
  • Stand out with a unique, reversible hand-made headband that's both stylish and versatile.
  • Limited quantities mean you own a rare, luxurious accessory that few others will have.
  • Crafted for everyone, this design suits both men and women, offering universal elegance.


Is the headband too expensive?

This luxurious, handcrafted headband offers unmatched warmth and style, making it a valuable investment.

How can I be sure it will fit?

Our headband is designed to fit most people comfortably, thanks to its versatile one-size-fits-most design.

What if the headband isn't comfortable?

Crafted from Qiviuk & Silk, our headband promises unparalleled softness and all-day comfort.

Why should I choose this headband over others?

Our reversible, limited edition headband combines luxury, exclusivity, and unique fashion, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

One size fits most.

We have limited quantities of this design remaining!

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