Sarga Woven Qiviuk Blanket Natural


Experience ultimate luxury with the Qiviuk Blanket - perfect for home or outdoor comfort.

The SARGA Woven Blanket Qiviuk Natural, priced at $4,049, epitomizes luxury and comfort. Made from pure Qiviuk, this high-quality blanket is perfect for outdoor adventures or for adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Experience the unmatched softness and warmth of this natural fiber cozy bed blanket, designed to provide superior comfort and style. Purchase this luxurious pure Qiviuk woven blanket today and elevate your relaxation experience.This cozy blanket will add a touch of style besides comfort and quality. It is woven with pure Qiviuk so it is great for a trip to the great outdoors or to snuggle and snooze in your bed!

  • Experience unparalleled softness and warmth with our Qiviuk woven blanket, perfect for cozy snuggles.
  • Enhance your home decor with a luxurious blanket that adds elegance and comfort.
  • Stay warm during outdoor adventures with a blanket designed for style and durability.
  • Invest in a blanket made from pure Qiviuk for long-lasting quality and exceptional softness.


Why is the Sarga Woven Qiviuk Blanket Natural so expensive?

Our blanket is crafted from pure Qiviuk, offering unmatched softness and durability, justifying its premium price.

Is the Sarga Woven Blanket Qiviuk Natural worth the investment?

It provides ultimate comfort, luxurious styling, and long-lasting quality, making it a valuable investment.

How can I be sure the Sarga Woven Blanket will last?

Made from premium Qiviuk, our blanket offers exceptional durability, ensuring it withstands regular use and time.

Is the Sarga Woven Blanket Qiviuk Natural suitable for outdoor use?

Absolutely, it's designed for both style and durability, making it perfect for any outdoor adventure

It is L 148cm x W 200cm (including fringes).

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