Melody Hat Qiviuk, Merino and Silk


Discover the Melody Hat in Qiviuk, Merino, and Silk

Wrap yourself in unparalleled luxury with the Melody Hat, masterfully knitted from the softest Qiviuk, Merino, and blend. This elegant basket weave design reveals a captivating checkerboard pattern in hues of red, blue, and lilac. Perfectly fitting, this hat promises cozy warmth with a distinguished style. Elevate your winter wardrobe with the timeless charm of the Melody Hat and experience the pinnacle of knitted luxury. 

This soft Qiviuk, Merino, and Silk knitted hat features a basket weave knitting style, creating a pretty checkerboard pattern in a wonderful mixture of red, blue, and lilac yarn.

  • Feel the luxurious softness and warmth of Silk Extra-Fine Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk against your skin.
  • Elevate your fashion with our chic checkerboard pattern, blending red, blue, and lilac yarns.
  • Indulge in the finest materials: Qiviuk, Extra-Fine Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk for unmatched quality.
  • One size fits most, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit for everyone every time.


Why is the Melody Hat so expensive?

Our hat uses luxurious Qiviuk, Merino wool, and Mulberry Silk offering unmatched comfort, quality, and style.

Will the one size fit me?

Yes, the hat is designed to fit most sizes comfortably, ensuring a great fit for everyone.

How do I take care of the hat?

Simply follow standard care instructions for wool and silk to maintain its luxurious softness and quality.

Is the checkerboard pattern versatile enough?

Absolutely. The chic checkerboard pattern in red, blue, and lilac yarns elevates any outfit effortlessly.

One size fits most.

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