Testimonial From Photographic Artist Eru Narayana

i walk alone, off trail, in the forests of canada making photographic records of the energy of this sentient entity we are all in, of and by.  when you are by yourself, in all elements, miles away from any human trails or presence - in all weather from -45c to +35c, there is only one rule i adhere by for clothing and equipment i carry: they must be a part of me.  in snow, ice, mud, rain and, at times “you fall you die” conditions, the last thing you want is to think about what you are wearing or be impeded by shorts or a snag from equipment because at those times your mind is not where you should step - which is truly the only variable that matters.  it is for that reason that all i have must be a part of me. 


I have been a collector of sweaters for twenty years.  cashmere, baby cashmere, vicuña and wool.  having had many dozens of sweaters, i only wore one when in the field - it was a part of me.  i loathe equipment and clothing changes since then it ‘feels wrong’, and i quickly go back to what the mind is used to.  that is until i purchased a qiviuk sweater made from 100% musk ox fibre.  the very first moment i put it on, it became not only a part of me, but a fundamental part of me.  i have not taken it off since - i sleep in it in the field, i wear it and only time it comes off is to wash it, which i do by hand with simple apple cider vinegar based shampoo.  on the very rare occasion it comes off, my body misses it.  this fibre bound itself to me immediately and me to it.


my qiviuk sweater is a part of me - envelops me, protects me - it does not want to leave my body.  i could not recommend this product more.


-Eru Narayana, Art as Reason