Experience unparalleled warmth and softness with our Qiviuk accessories collection. Shop Qiviuk!

Discover the pinnacle of luxury with the Qiviuk Accessories Collection of qiviut accessories. (pronounced “kiv-ee-ute”). Crafted from extraordinarily rare and soft musk ox fiber, blended with extra-fine merino wool and mulberry silk, our items promise unmatched warmth and comfort. Each piece showcases the finest in Canadian Arctic craftsmanship, from knit caps to exquisite stoles and gloves. Elevate your wardrobe with the warmest, softest qiviut garments, available exclusively through our store. Shop now for the ultimate in luxurious winter wear.

    • Wrap yourself in unrivaled warmth with our 100 percent pure Qiviut scarf.
    • Experience the ultimate comfort thanks to our Qiviut scarf's soft, natural texture.
    • Elevate your style with our Qiviut scarf's unique rib and welt pattern.
    • Enjoy long-lasting quality with our 100 percent pure, undyed Qiviut scarf.

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