Embrace luxury with Women's Qiviut Sweater Clothing for unmatched warmth and style.

Discover the essence of Arctic luxury with our Women’s Qiviuk Clothing Collection, where elegance meets unparalleled warmth. Crafted from the exquisite qiviut fiber, known for its superior warmth and softness, our collection blends this rare material with cashmere, alpaca, and silk to offer you garments that are not just stylish but incredibly cozy. Shop our exclusive range of jackets, Qiviut sweater and tunics, all designed for the discerning woman who seeks both comfort and luxury. Explore our accessories, including scarves and gloves, to complete your winter wardrobe. Embrace the cold in style with our luxury musk oxen fiber clothing, and experience the ultimate in soft, warm apparel. Order your piece of Arctic luxury today.

  • Experience unparalleled warmth with our qiviut sweater-blended garments, perfect for chilly days.
  • Indulge in the softness of qiviut, more luxurious and comfortable than cashmere.
  • Stand out in unique, handcrafted clothing that blends traditional and modern styles.
  • Embrace sustainable fashion with our eco-conscious, naturally sourced fibers.


Is the price justified for a qiviut garment?

Qiviut's rarity and handcrafted luxury offer unmatched warmth and comfort, making it a worthwhile investment.

How do I care for my qiviut clothing?

Hand wash gently with mild soap in cool water, then air dry to maintain its luxurious feel and durability.

Will qiviut clothing be too warm for me?

Qiviut provides exceptional warmth without bulk, making it comfortable for a variety of climates and settings.

Is qiviut clothing sustainable and eco-friendly?

Yes, qiviut is a naturally sourced fiber, making our clothing collection sustainable and eco-conscious.

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