Gabo Man Cardigan Qiviuk


Perfect for travel, ultimate warmth with our ultra-light 100% Qiviuk man cardigan. 

Unparalleled natural luxury with our ultra light Qiviuk Man Cardigan, crafted from 100 percent super fine Qiviuk yarn. This cardigan offers exceptional warmth while being incredibly lightweight, making it the perfect companion for your travels. The fitted design ensures a sleek, stylish look in any setting. Ideal for discerning men seeking both comfort and elegance, this warm travel cardigan is a must-have addition to your wardrobe. Order your super fine yarn cardigan today and enjoy chic comfort on the go. This men's cardigan is crafted with a super fine 100% Qiviuk yarn, making it ultra-light yet toasty warm. It is the perfect travel companion.

  • Stay ultra warm with our 100% Qiviuk yarn cardigan, perfect for chilly days and nights.
  • Experience the ultimate in lightweight comfort with our super fine Qiviuk yarn cardigan.
  • Ideal for travel, our cardigan is ultra light and easily packs into your suitcase.
  • Enjoy a tailored look with our fitted design, ensuring you always look your best.


Isn't the 100% Qiviuk yarn going to be too delicate for regular use?

Our Qiviuk yarn is both strong and durable, ideal for regular wear without losing its quality.

I need a cardigan that fits perfectly. Will this 'Fitted' design work for me?

Yes, our 'Fitted' design ensures a tailored look, providing both comfort and a sleek appearance.

How does this cardigan hold up during travel? Won't it get wrinkled?

Our ultra-light Qiviuk yarn cardigan is travel-friendly, packing easily without wrinkling, keeping you looking sharp.

Is the warmth provided by this lightweight cardigan really effective?

Absolutely, our 100% Qiviuk yarn guarantees exceptional warmth, making it perfect for chilly days and nights.

This design belongs to our "Fitted" fit category, and the measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Chest (A) 54 56 58 60
Length (B) 62 65 68 71
Sleeve (C) 58 60 62 62


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