Punto Woman Scarf Qiviuk & Silk


Wrap yourself in our warm qiviut & silk woman scarf

Elevate your wardrobe with the Punto Woman Scarf, a perfect blend of Qiviut and Silk. Unleash your grace as the premium scarf, measuring 130cm in length and 25cm in width, drapes flawlessly around you, pronouncing a distinct style statement. Its warmth will envelop you like a gentle embrace on chilly days while the high-quality silk whispers comfort. Acquire this magnificent part of the Punto collection, a truly treasured Qiviut silk scarf that exhibits a balance of elegance, luxury, and utility. Experience the gentle contact of a high-quality women's silk scarf. Don't just buy a scarf; order a masterpiece today! This exquisite Qiviut and Silk scarf drapes perfectly and will keep you cozy and warm.

  • Stay cozy and comfortable with our Qiviut and Silk scarf, which are perfect for chilly days.
  • Elevate your outfit effortlessly with a beautifully draped and elegant Qiviut and Silk scarf.
  • Experience unmatched softness and durability with our premium Qiviut and Silk blend.
  • Enjoy the perfect fit with a scarf measuring 130 cm in length and 25 cm in width.


Is the Qiviut and Silk scarf worth the investment?

Absolutely! The unrivaled softness, durability, and elegance make this scarf a lasting and valuable addition.

Will the size of the scarf fit me well?

Yes, with 130 cm length and 25 cm width, it drapes beautifully on everyone.

How do I know the scarf will be warm enough?

Crafted from Qiviuk and Silk, it ensures maximum warmth and coziness, perfect for chilly days.

Is the quality of material as good as you claim?

Definitely! Experience the premium feel and durability of our exceptional Qiviuk and Silk blend.

Measurements are in cm: Length 130 x Width 25.

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