Melody Woman Scarf Qiviuk, Merino & Silk


Wrap Yourself in the Softest Qiviuk, Merino, and Silk Woman Scarf

Indulge in luxurious comfort with our Soft Qiviuk, Extra-Fine Merino Wool, and Mulberry Silk Woman Scarf. This exquisite piece features a stunning basket weave knit that forms a delightful checkerboard pattern in vibrant hues of red, blue, and lilac.

Measuring 180 cm in length and 28 cm in width, this scarf promises an elegant touch to any outfit. Elevate your style with the unmatched softness and sophistication of this Qiviuk Merino Silk scarf.

  • Stay cozy with our soft, insulating Qiviuk scarf.
  • Elevate your outfit with our unique checkerboard pattern scarf.
  • Experience unparalleled comfort with our silky smooth scarf.
  • Enjoy a long-lasting scarf made from premium materials.


Is the scarf really worth the investment?

Absolutely! It's crafted from premium, long-lasting materials.

Will this scarf be warm enough for winter?

Yes, the Qiviuk wool ensures maximum warmth and insulation.

Will the scarf match my outfits?

Yes, its classic checkerboard pattern suits any style.

Is the scarf comfortable to wear all day?

Definitely. The blend of silk provides unparalleled comfort.

Measurements are in cm: Length 180 x Width 28.

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