Esma Woman Pullover Cashmere & Qiviuk


Unveil Your Style: A Perfect Deep Blue Cashmere Pullover Woman Sweater

The Esma woman's pullover is crafted from a blend of the finest Cashmere and Qiviut yarns in a rich, deep blue hue.

It features elegant red accents at the hem and wrists. This outstanding design, coupled with comfort and style makes it one that every woman will want to have in their closet. 

Reasonably priced for the quality it provides, this sweater can be worn for many years given it is made with sustainable fibers that we ethically source. 

This woman's pullover is available in various sizes, ensuring a flattering fit for many. Be sure to check out the measurement chart below to get the right fit you need.

Indulge in something special for yourself or a loved one with our finest cashmere and qiviut pullover.

  • Exude effortless style when you wear this stunning pullover.
  • Experience lasting quality with a blend of luxurious cashmere and qiviut.
  • Suitable for a range of outings and different types of weather.


Is the price justified for a pullover?

Owning this sweater will give you the opportunity to cherish it for many years. The quality materials and craftmanship make it well worth its reasonable pricing.

Will the Esma pullover fit me well?

Be sure to assess your accurate size on our measurement chart below to get the best flattering fit. Remember, we can custom make any sweater for specific sizing requirements. Ask us how!

How do I know this pullover will last?

Cashmere is known for its softness, warmth, and durability, while Qiviut, derived from the muskox, is incredibly soft, lightweight, and resilient. These premium materials are selected for their ability to withstand regular wear and maintain lasting quality over time.

Measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 42 44 46 48
Length (B) 54 57 60 63
Sleeve (C) 58 60 62 64
Waist (D) 40 42 44 46

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