Rosaly Woman Pullover Merino, Qiviuk & Silk


Do not settle; choose luxe: Merino and Silk blend Woman Pullover

Introducing the elegant Rosaly Woman Pullover sweater made with Merino wool, Qiviut and Silk.

This luxurious short-sleeved woman's pullover is inspired by the iconic glamour of Marilyn Monroe. Crafted with the finest ultra fine Merino wool, Qiviut, and Mulberry Silk yarn, it is especially soft yet durable. 

This pullover is an exquisite addition to anyone's closet. Perfect for those who want a high-quality knitted piece that incorporates a wool and silk blend. 

When you purchase this high-end knitwear you will feel the charm of Marilyn Munroe yourself!

  • The feel of quality Merino, Qiviuk, and Silk blend is like none other.
  • Stand out with Marilyn Monroe-inspired glamour.
  • Enjoy comfort and elegance with this extra special addition to your wardrobe.


Is the price justified for this product?

Quality materials and unique designs go into each and every article of clothing produced by Qiviuk's highly skilled artisans. The Qiviut and Merino wool are ethically sourced and hand-crafted into this design. Adding Silk to the blend makes it a coveted pullover that outweighs the cost. 

Will the sizes fit me well?

The fit is designed to ensure comfort and a perfect fit. Be sure to assess your sizing on the measurement chart below. We can also custom size this woman's pullover to fit you perfectly.

Is the material durable and long-lasting?

When taken care of with the instructions that come with every woman's pullover, the yarns of this piece will maintain their durability and give you lasting elegance.

How do I care for this delicate item?

We send you care instructions when you purchase this pullover. They are meant to provide you directions to ensure the longevity of our apparel. 

Measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Bust (A) 39  41  43  45 
Length (B) 52 55  58  61
Sleeve (C) 22  23  24  25 

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