WOVEN SHAWL QIVIUK - 100% Pure Qiviuk shawl.


Stay Cozy, Travel Light with Our 100% Pure Qiviut Wool Shawl

Experience luxurious comfort with our ultra-fine 100% pure Qiviut  wool shawl. Perfect for the on-the-go individual, this lightweight, high-quality piece keeps you warm without taking up space in your bag.

With dimensions of Length 100 cm x Width 200 cm, it's ideal for travel and daily use. Quantities are very limited, so elevate your wardrobe with this exquisite, warm, and cozy travel shawl today.

  • Our shawl keeps you cozy in any weather.
  • Compact size fits effortlessly in your bag.
  • Limited quantities make your shawl truly unique.
  • Enhance your outfit with timeless elegance.


Is the shawl really worth the price?

Absolutely, it’s made from 100 percent pure Qiviuk fiber.

How durable is the shawl?

Extremely durable, it’s woven with ultra-fine, high-quality Qiviuk fiber.

Will the shawl fit in my handbag?

Definitely, its compact size ensures easy portability without bulk.

Why buy now if quantities are limited?

To own an exclusive, stylish piece before it’s sold out!

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