Checker Cashmere Shawl with Qiviuk

$937.30 $1,339

Experience the Ultimate Comfort with Our Qiviuk Cashmere Shawl

Discover the exquisite luxury of our Limited Edition Qiviuk and Cashmere Shawl. Meticulously woven with 70% Qiviuk and 30% Cashmere, this classic plaid masterpiece offers unparalleled softness and warmth. Measuring 135 cm in length and 270 cm in width, it wraps you in generous comfort and timeless style.

With only a few pieces left in stock, now is the perfect time to add this exclusive accessory to your collection. Order your Qiviuk Cashmere Plaid Shawl today and experience a blend of elegance and rarity. 

This shawl is woven with 70% Qiviuk and 30% Cashmere Shawl yarn in a classic plaid checker pattern.

  • Stay cozy with our ultra-warm Qiviuk Cashmere shawl.
  • Own a rare piece with our limited quantity shawl.
  • Experience unparalleled softness every time you wear it.
  • Elevate any outfit with this classic plaid checker pattern.


Is the shawl worth the price?

Yes, it combines premium Qiviuk, cashmere, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Will this shawl actually keep me warm?

Absolutely! Our Qiviuk-Cashmere blend is ultra-warm and cozy.

What if it feels scratchy or uncomfortable?

Not at all! It offers unparalleled softness and comfort.

Is the design really stylish and versatile?

Indeed! The classic plaid pattern elevates and complements any outfit.

Measurements are in cm. Length 135 x Width 270.
We have very limited quantities remaining of this shawl!

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