Nestor Man Vest Qiviuk


Experience unparalleled luxury with ultra-lightweight Qiviuk wool man vest. 

Experience unmatched luxury and ultra-lightweight comfort with our Pure Qiviuk man pullover vest. Meticulously knitted on a special machine using superfine Qiviuk yarn, this vest offers an exquisite blend of elegance and durability. Its popularity often leads to high demand, so if it’s sold out, contact us by email to inquire about restock timing. Elevate your wardrobe with the finest Qiviuk yarn vest. This is the ultimate choice for discerning buyers, perfect for those seeking a stylish yet breathable layer. Order your ultra-lightweight pure Qiviuk vest today! This pullover vest is knitted on a special machine using superfine yarn to create an ultra-lightweight and fine garment.

This design is made with pure luxury Qiviuk yarn and is quite popular so if we are sold out online please email us and we can find out how long it may take to make it for you.

  • Experience unparalleled comfort with our ultra-lightweight and finely knitted Qiviuk wool man pullover vest.
  • Stand out with our highly sought-after vests crafted from rare and prestigious Qiviuk yarn.
  • Invest in a long-lasting vest meticulously made with superfine yarn for enduring quality.
  • If vests are sold out, email us to let us know how long it takes to make one for you.


Why is the vest so expensive?

Our vests use rare, luxurious Qiviuk wool, offering unparalleled comfort and enduring quality.

What if the vest is sold out?

Email us if you are sold out; we'll inform you of the production timeline and availability.

How durable is the vest?

Our vests are meticulously crafted with superfine yarn, ensuring long-lasting durability and quality.

Email us for availability. This vest is trendy.

This design belongs to our "Fitted" category. Measurements are in cm.

Chest (A) 50 52 54 56
Length (B) 59 62 65 69

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