Zibellino Woven Qiviut Scarf


Wrap yourself in timeless elegance with the Zibellino woven qiviut scarf

Indulge in unparalleled luxury with the Zibellino Woven Qiviut Scarf, crafted from pure Qiviuk yarn by masterful Italian artisans. In a stunning natural taupe shade, this sophisticated scarf is a limited-edition piece featuring elegant fringes and a plush, irresistible feel. Measuring 160 cm in length and 29 cm in width, it is the epitome of elegance and softness. Secure your piece of timeless Italian craftsmanship and elevate your wardrobe to new heights. 

The Zibellino scarf is expertly woven by Italian artisans using our pure Qiviuk yarn. This scarf is made in the beautiful natural taupe color, with lovely fringes and a plush feel that you will not want to take off.

  • Own a rare piece, crafted in limited quantities, making your scarf truly unique.
  • Feel the soft, plush texture that provides exceptional warmth and comfort all day.
  • Enjoy the unmatched quality of a scarf woven by skilled Italian artisans.
  • Enhance your style with the scarf's beautiful natural taupe color and elegant fringes.


Why is the Zibellino scarf so expensive?

The scarf uses ultra luxurious Qiviuk and is artisan-crafted in limited quantities for unmatched quality and exclusivity.

Is the natural taupe color flattering?

Absolutely! The natural taupe color enhances any style with an understated elegance and sophistication.

Will the scarf be warm enough for winter?

Yes, the ultra plush Qiviuk provides exceptional warmth, ensuring you stay comfortable even in the coldest weather.

Is this scarf durable enough for everyday use?

Our scarf is expertly woven by artisans, making it both durable and luxurious for everyday elegance.

Limited quantities. Measurements are in cm. Length 160 x Width 29.

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