Joel Man Cardigan Qiviuk


Experience ultimate luxury with our 100% pure Qiviuk zip-up man cardigan, perfect for Father's Day.

Experience unparalleled luxury with our Full Zip Up Man Cardigan made from 100 percent pure Qiviuk. This exquisite cardigan features a wide ribbed collar and a distinctive rib and welt pattern that enhances its sophisticated appeal. Whether it's in stock or made to order, this Qiviuk cardigan offers unmatched comfort and style. Don't miss the chance to own a truly special piece; inquire now to have one crafted just for you.

  • Experience unmatched luxury with 100 percent pure Qiviuk, the pinnacle of sophistication and comfort.
  • Stand out effortlessly with our made-to-order service, ensuring a one-of-a-kind cardigan.
  • Impress your father with a premium Qiviuk man cardigan, the perfect Father's Day gift.
  • Enhance your wardrobe with a versatile, stylish cardigan suitable for any occasion.


Why is the cardigan so expensive?

The cardigan uses 100 percent pure Qiviuk, offering unmatched luxury, quality, and sophistication.

What if the cardigan is out of stock?

We offer a made-to-order service, ensuring you receive a unique, customized piece.

Is this cardigan suitable as a gift?

Absolutely, it makes a perfect Father's Day gift because of its premium quality and exclusivity.

Can I wear this cardigan for multiple occasions?
Yes, its stylish design ensures it complements any wardrobe for various occasions.

Full zip up cardigan made with 100% pure Qiviuk features a wide ribbed collar and rib and welt pattern throughout.

If we are out of stock, then this design can be made to order, please inquire if you are interested to have one made.

This design belongs to our "Standard" fit category, measurements are in cm.

Size S M L XL
Chest (A) 51 54 57 60
Length (B) 64 67 70 73
Sleeve (C) 57 59 61 61

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