Joel Man Qiviut Scarf


Wrap yourself in the warmth of Man Qiviut Scarf. Feel nature's embrace.

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with the Man Qiviut Scarf, crafted from 100 percent pure Qiviut yarn. This exquisite piece showcases a unique rib and welt pattern in its pure, undyed natural color, making it an elegant addition to any wardrobe. Measuring 150 cm in length and 25 cm in width, its unparalleled warmth and softness are perfect for the discerning gentleman. Elevate your style and experience unmatched comfort with this high-quality, luxurious scarf. This 100% pure Qiviut Scarf features a unique rib and welt pattern in the pure undyed natural Qiviut color.

  • Wrap yourself in unrivaled warmth with our 100 percent pure Qiviut scarf.
  • Experience the ultimate comfort thanks to our Qiviut scarf's soft, natural texture.
  • Elevate your style with the unique rib and welt pattern of our Qiviut Scarf.
  • Enjoy long-lasting quality with our 100 percent pure, undyed Qiviut Scarf.


Why is this scarf so expensive?

Qiviuk is a rare, luxurious fiber offering unmatched warmth, comfort, and durability, justifying its premium price.

How do I know the scarf will last?

Our Qiviut Scarf is made from 100 percent pure, undyed fibers, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity.

Can the scarf be styled with various outfits?

Absolutely! The unique rib and welt pattern elevates any ensemble, adding a touch of elegance and style.

Is the scarf truly comfortable to wear?

Yes, the natural texture of Qiviut provides ultimate comfort, making it incredibly soft against your skin.

Measurements are in cm: Length 150 x Width 25.

Customer Reviews

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Jenny Weyler
Made this "man" scarf a Woman Scarf and love it!

I got the scarf and matching hat and they are so warm and soft! I didn't realize it was being sold for men, but obviously it doesn't matter a bit who wears it.

Hi there! We're so glad to hear that you love your Qiviuk scarf and hat! We understand that it was listed as a 'man' scarf, but we agree that it can be worn by anyone and still provide the same warmth and softness. Thank you for your feedback and enjoy your new accessories!

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